Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

The Five Pillars Project is developed from scientific research that proper lifestyle activities are a vital for well-being and our genes are programmed to need it in order to create healthy cell function. The basis of the program comes from evidence from the recent Human Genome Project, which was launched several years ago. Epigenetic research has identified that what we eat, how we think and how much we move have a greater impact on our health than our families’ predetermined genetics. This is not a weight loss program; it is a lifestyle-based program. It has been designed to breakdown the antiquated theory that humanity is a victim of its genes and without lifelong medication there is no hope.

The project begins with three modules that deal with the principle core tools on how to eat, think and move. The recommended nutrition is based on essential nutrients required by optimal peoples based on longevity and ancestral records. Simply put, the USDA recommendations for nutrition are based on pathology. For example, the RDA recommendation for Vitamin D comes from research done over 80 years ago from pathological German studies on children with Rickets.  Research shows that our ancestors got  4 – 10 times the recommended amounts of nutrition today. This data was collected from healthy cultures that have relative to no history of chronic illness.

The project’s simplistic principle for nutrition was determined by peer reviewed evidence based research that essential nutrition is recommended for all human species, providing what is essential every day for life, and what we can no longer get due to our polluted ecosystems in the air, soil and quality of food.

The project is unique and is based on the evidence that hope for humanity can only be achieved by mimicking mother nature  through innovation and entrepreneurship toward a cleaner planet.

The visionary behind the project, Dr. Matt Hammett states, “The next trillion dollar industry will come from innovators and entrepreneurs that mimic Mother Nature in terms of cleaning up our planets resources.”


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