Exercise benefits your physical, emotional and mental health! Most of us know we need to get moving, but perhaps don’t know what to do, how to get started or how to stay motivated! The Five Pillars Project provides this guidance based on what our ancestors required to express healthy genes, and encourages you to find creative ways to enjoy it!

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Movement Patterns

  Basic recommendations for the Pillars Lifestyle

The self care phenomena, The Five Pillars Project Lifestyle, teaches about taking daily responsibility by monitoring food choices and energy expenditures every day. Our Food Bank Accounts bioaccumulate either toxicity/deficiencies or purity/sufficiencies. Over time, our Food Bank Accounts bioaccumulate and create changes in our gene expression that can impact our lives toward disease or health. These choices may also exist down generations epigenetically along our Families Germ Line.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow when exercising the Pillar Philosophy in terms of Movement Patterns:

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Human Movement Patterns Essential Daily Intake:

  • Exercise frequently, but with a variety of durations and intensities (including rest periods) rather than doing always the same, extended routines in a gym or while jogging.
  • Perform a variety of complex “natural movements” (such as walking, running, jumping, crawling, climbing, carrying, throwing, swimming…) that use the whole body rather than artificially constrained exercises that focus on specific muscles (like those afforded by most gym equipment).
  • Reduce overall levels of stress; avoid overworking in favor of sedentary lifestyle.
  • Sit with legs level with rear end (essentially, in the squatting position), as people in indigenous tribes do.
  • Make sure you’re sleeping posture supports the natural curves of your spine, see our Ancestral Pillows.
  • Practice proper spinal hygiene by keeping your spine well adjusted by a Doctor of Chiropractic. It is essential to receive periodic spinal checkups since most of us work in sitting and sedentary positions most of the time. Chiropractic Adjustments restore motion, and gets proprioception/ nutrients to the brain; just to name a few.

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  • Eat Lots of Natural Plants and Animals
  • Avoid Toxic & Deficient Things
  • Move Frequently at Different Paces
  • Lift Heavier Things Correctly
  • Sprint Often
  • Get At Least 8 hours of Sleep
  • Play Often
  • Get Tons of Sunlight, Just Don’t Burn
  • Exercise Your Brain
  • Spend Lots of time outside
  • Seek Constant Outdoor Adventure
  • Laugh Often with Friends

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