Module 3: Restricted Access

Please complete the previous course before taking this course.


1. Lesson 1 | Mod. 3 | 8.24s

Author: Dr. Matt Hammett

The Western Diet was virtually unknown to our species 10 generations ago. Learn about the truth concerning the dairy and grain lobbyist and how this diet has impacted the next generation epigenetically.

2. Lesson 2 | Mod. 3 | 9.41s

Author: Dr. Matt Hammett

European and aboriginal cultures value their elderly. We need to stop discrimination, especially provider discrimination and historical bias from our health care system. If we do this, we would see a very different approach to health care; a conservative Natural Approach First which includes changing our Food Standards.

3. Lesson 3 | Mod. 3 | 6.50s

Author: Dr. Matt Hammett

The future of medicine will shift from a symptom based approach to a mechanism based approach along the epigenome. A major CEO recently at a Think Tank admitted that the future of drug therapy will shift toward this approach. Learn why palliating or covering up symptoms is never a great strategy in terms of chronic illness. These are lifestyle and environment induced illness which should be treated with lifestyle and environment.

4. Lesson 4 | Mod. 3 | 9.58s

Author: Dr. Matt Hammett

Looking at the statistical stats for The Five Pillars Way in the evidence. In research, the control group is not taking into account Organic fruits and vegges versus GMO products. That is by design to flaw the studies. You can't get your nutrition education by reading labels at the grocery store.